So you backed up your data?

But can you Restore???
  • For development and QA testing
  • For email discovery or data mining
  • In case of a virus or data corruption
  • In case of a system crash or data breach

 Business Continuity is about Restoring data not just the backup

Business Continuity Infrastructures

RestorWare builds Business Continuity Infrastructures that reduce the cost and complexity of data backup and improves data restore access times for continued business operations.

RestorWare, we're here to serve you!

Based in San Diego, California, RestorWare handles business continuity by building individualized infrastructures. We don't do visualization, customer infrastructure, or network design. Instead, we build business continuity infrastructures to help reduce the time and cost associated with data protection, development, and QA testing.

As one would expect of a company with more than 30 years of experience, feedback has been great. One Fortune 100 aerospace company saved $365,000 a year with RestorWare, and a city municipality we helped was able to protect all of its department's data centers internally.

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